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My name is Rasa. I am a Latvian and my native language is Latvian. Rasa's advices how best to sew is my first blog in English about sewing and sewing patterns. Many years ago I worked in a large sewing studio. I learned how to sew different garments, I learned how to make sewing patterns. Even today my life is related to sewing and sewing patterns. Today if I need information that is associated with a sewing then first of all I was looking for it in the internet. And I am very happy if the information is free of charge and not pay for it. Sometimes when I want to relax and I have free time I write for beginners tutorials how to sew clothing. I write tutorials how to make clothing sewing patterns too. All I published in this blog, all free of charge. I very much hope that my sewing tutorials and patterns will help you to learn how to sew, and you will be satisfied and happy.


Sew pencil skirt with lining. Step 16, how to sew a shank button on the underlap of the waistband?

(See previous step 15, how to create a buttonhole on the overlap of the waistband?)

How to sew a shank button – see pictures below. Please Note: Click on photo to see a larges size.
Take your pencil skirt.

Close zipper. Then use dressmaker's pin to find button location, so that the pin passes through buttonhole and waistband.

Then remove overlap of the waistband. 

The pin should be left in the underlap of the waistband.

The first step to strengthen the thread in the waistband. Do not remove the pin yet. 

Here you can see closer.

Strengthen the thread. It's much better, 
and there is no need to tie a knot for sewing thread.

Several times strengthens the thread in the fabric.

Several times strengthen the thread in the fabric, so that the thread can strongly stick.
Then remove pin. 

Well, already be strong enough.

Closer can be better seen.

The final step, you must create a loop. Then push out the needle through the loop.

Then push out the thread through the loop.

You can help a little with the hand. 

Then pick up the shank button, and pull the needle through the button leg. 

Closer view as it looks.

Then several times sew a button on a waistband.

Button sewing.

Button is sewn.

Button is sewn.

Buttons strengthening. The first step.

Buttons strengthening. The second step.

Buttons strengthening. The third step.

View from the side.

The last step. Again, establishing a loop, and push the needle through the loop.

Then several times establishing a loop, and push the needle through the loop.

Well here, it looks sewn  shank button.

Cleanly worked. A place where sewn button,View from the other side. 

 Now you can close
 skirt waistband..

Closed waistband, view from inside.